Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hot Dogs and the fixin's

Today I was thinking about Memorial Day and what to fix. To think about this holiday always brings me back to hot dogs and all the fixings.  When I simply want a hot dog it would be with chopped onions and mustard.  Of course you have to decide how to cook the hot dogs.  Most of the time they are boiled in the kitchen, but this is a special day that marks the real start of the grilling season. I say the real start because we have already been cooking outside this spring as the weather has been beautiful. There are do's and don't's when you cook a hot dog. Do let a grilled dog get a little brown on all sides, turning them with tongs so you don't break the skin and never split or stick them with a fork. Making holes in the skin causes the juice to run out and you end up with a dry dog.
This special day calls for special toppings for the grilled dog and there are so many ideas. Most kids like ketchup on everything and to them it's as special as it gets. For special times, nice thick creamy coleslaw is delicious.
The kraut dog is good especially if the dog is cooked in the saurkraut.
Sometimes I like chili, cheese and onions. That's the way I order it from The Varsity in Atlanta, GA or at Hard Times Cafe in Frederick, MD.
Today at http://www.thedailymeal.com/10-tips-making-perfect-hot-do, I found new ways to serve a hot dog. How about wrapped in bacon?

How do you top your hot dog?

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